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“In Reverse” is Paul Bedal’s third album as a leader and features Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone), Matt Ulery (bass) and Charles Rumback (drums). Formed in the fall of 2015, the quartet has been his vehicle for original works the past three years. Bedal’s compositions come to life playing amongst this seasoned and prolific cast, integral members to the Chicago music scene the past decade. Their individual voices move elastically, creating space and freedom full of adventurous interplay.

“In Reverse is his most sophisticated and personal recording to date. Its inventiveness and accessibility are thanks to Bedal’s brilliance—and that of his like-minded sidemen. Like most of Bedal’s work, In Reverse is simultaneously provocative and engaging, moving and thoughtful.” - hrayr attarian Chicago Jazz Magazine

Nick Mazzarella - alto saxophone

Matt Ulery - double bass

Charles Rumback - drums

Paul Bedal - piano

Recorded at JoyRide studio by Blaise Barton on May 17, 2017.

Mixed and Mastered by Anthony Gravino