Paul Bedal's "In Reverse" Available Now

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Formed in the fall of 2015, the quartet (Bedal, Mazzarella, Ulery, Rumback) has been his vehicle for Bedal's music the past three years. His compositions come to life playing amongst this seasoned and prolific cast. "In Reverse" features eight original tracks, combining a fresh rhythmic and lyrical approach filled with adventurous interplay. Order the album direct from our store or at our bandcamp page now.

The record features:

  • Paul Bedal - Piano, Compositions

  • Charles Rumback - Drums

  • Matt Ulery - Bass

  • Nick Mazzarella - Alto Saxophone

The group will celebrate with a release-day performance at Constellation in Chicago Friday June 7th at 8:30pm. 

Tickets available here

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