Paul Bedal


Chicago-based pianist and composer Paul Bedal has developed a recognizable sound both as a composer and pianist. Earning his Bachelor of Music in Studio Music and Jazz Performance at the University of Miami and his MFA in Film Composition from Columbia College Chicago, Paul has stayed active in the 2010’s writing for his own groups and contributing his pianistic efforts as a sideman.

Paul is an Ears and Eyes, CAM Jazz and BACE Records recording artist, with his debut record “Chatter” being released in 2014. NYC Jazz Record music critic Ken Micallef writes, “Chatter is also a study in fascinating repetition: melodic and rhythm motifs are introduced and subtly altered as the soloists pursue counterpoint. It’s a cerebral work and the compositions and soloing throughout are superb.” Recently, Paul released his second record entitled "Mirrors", available on Bace Records. Nextbop critic Anthony Dean-Harris writes, “Everything comes together well on Mirrors, an album so well tempered that there’s just no way it could go wrong, an achievement for Bedal as a player, composer, and leader.”

Paul has received recognition from Chicago's "Luminarts Cultural Foundation", receiving top prize in the 2015 composition contest and placing in the 2014 improvisation competition. Paul has also composed music for recent films including Chicagoan Ian Martin's feature film "Cooke Concrete", Sydney O’Haire’s “Being Here” and Lauren Bedal's short film "Airplay", which was nominated to the 2017 San Francisco Dance Festival.